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Best Places For Food In Amritsar

Amritsar is famous for their food also. There are many places to explore and best food can be found at road-side joints . Here is the list of Best Restaurant and joints of Amritsar.The Amritsar city is not only famous for the Golden Temple and other Tourist Palace likes Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border, but is also famous for the local punjabi food offered. The city offers a large variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and attracts thousands of tourists around the world.

Brothers' Dhaba

It is best for Serve good indian veg food and is situated in Town hall Amritsar . Bharawan da Dhaba is the most famous restaurant in the Amritsar offering delicious and attractive punjabi food. It specializes in sarso ka saag, makke ki roti, dal makhni, tandoori lachcha parantha etc. All the tourists coming to Amritsar usually visit this place.

Kesar da dhaba

Kesar da dhaba is located in Anant Seth Wala Church, Passian, Shastri Market, Amritsar .Located in the narrow lanes where parking can become a problem, the dhaba specializes in serving twenty three dishes every day. Mr. Mehra of Kesar claims to prepare each dish with the uniqueness of its taste and texture preserved. Its famous for their Parantha and Dal. It is one of the best Dhaba in Amritsar . All that hype about “Kesar da Dhaba”, its tall claims of the real Punjabi taste

Novelty Sweets

Novelty Sweets is the most famous restaurants offering the best food. It is famous for its aloo tikkis and jalebis. The aloo tikkis are made with onions and black gram and with the potatoes shallow fried even before they are made into tikkis and fried again.

There are some famous sweet shop like kanhayia sweets or bansal sweets and they have chane puri or bhature which is made with pure desi ghee.

Amritsari Lassi

Lassi is a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink it originates in India's Punjab region. Sweet Lassi is one of the drinks tht relish not only in summer but always . The salty version as well as the sweet version of Lassi too and usually had with lunch . The famous shop of Lassi is AHUJA Lassi which is one of the famous Lassi shop in Amritsar .Ahuja Lassi is immensely famous for offering its delicious Lassi, which is a favourite drink for every punjabi. Its presentation with threads of saffron flowing over it attracts locals as well as tourists all over the world.

Kulcha Land

Kulcha Chole is a traditional Punjabi food and kulcha land is famous for this food Kulcha Land is also the one of the best caterers of punjab. They are having a great menu with very resonable prices.They are handle like all kind of function whether it is a marriage function or a birthday party or any corporate event, every thing is treated in a special way.

Beera's Chicken

Beera's Chicken is immensely famous throughout the city of Amritsar for offering the best non-vegetarian food. Its Amritsari fish, mutton tikka, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, kababs etc. are so mouth watering that it attracts the people again and again to the shop.

Gurudas Ram Jalebiwala

And of course, last but not the least – how can we forget the sweet tooth? At any time of the day, land up here to taste the fresh jalebis which emerge crisp and golden from a kadai of pure ghee. This is one of the best sweet shop in Amritsar . Also not to be missed is his famed gulab jamun.

SARHAD-Taste of Amritsar-Lahore

Sarhad, at the Attari-Wagah, Indo-Pak border in Amritsar is a celebration of the common architectural, cultural and culinary heritage of pre-partition Punjab in general and Amritsar-Lahore in particular. Is situated at 1 km from Attari-Wagah border Amritsar. Apart from culture, Amritsar and Lahore share a great culinary tradition. Apart from culture, Amritsar and Lahore share a great culinary tradition. If hunger fuels the fire of anger, food is the energy that propels peace. Food is the primary love of life for all Punjabis- more so for Lahorias, it must be confessed.

Crystal Restaurant

Crystal Restaurant is situated in Queen's Road, Amritsar . Crystal Restaurant in one of the classiest restaurant in Amritsar. Crystal Restaurant in Amritsar is the place where you can go to have a perfect fine dine experience. it serves Indian as well as international cuisine.The key feature of this Restaurant is delectable food and popularity it’s usually full, so, to avoid waiting either start early or book a table in advance. Their menu has a wide variety and the non-vegetarian dishes specially are worth going.

Makhan Restaurant

The World Famous Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner was started in year 1976, located at Majitha Road, Amritsar is famous for its "Amritsari Fish" Offering the highest consistency in quality, service and style with new standards. In Makhan Restaurant the warm welcome makes you feel at home.


Fish Recipes like Fish Fried, Fish Tandoori, Fish Chilly are made in 100% pure Mustard Oil that add a good flavor to the food.

Chicken Recipes like Butter Chicken, Karahi Chicken, Curry Chicken, Masala Chicken, Lemon Chicken are made in 100% pureDesi Ghee.