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Languages in Amritsar

The city of Amritsar is a place with the co-existence of people of with diff religions, cultures and languages . Among the many spoken languages in Amritsar Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English are the main ones. The most spoken language in the city of Amritsar is Punjabi. The city of Amritsar is situated in the Indian state of Punjab, where a large part of the people is Punjabi. The mother tongue of these people is Punjabi. A dialect of the Punjabi language, which is known as Maajhi, is very popularly spoken in the whole of the Amritsar City as well as in the surrounding villages Punjabi is a language that is now spoken by people worldwide. The majority of the city is Sikhs and they speak Punjabi.The Punjabi Language is one of the fourteen regional languages that have been recognized in the constitution of India so far. Punjabi is a language that is spoken by people in various places on earth. The speakers of this language are spread all over the world.