Weather in Amritsar

Weather of Amritsar

The summer season, which stretches from the months of April to August, is very hot and dry and the temperature may rise near about 43 degree Centigrade . and on the other hand During winter that is from the month of November to March the temperature falls .During this season, Amritsar is affected by cold waves .The temperature in the winters falls to 0 degree Centigrade and sometimes even below that. The weather of Amritsar during this time is better than the extreme climates of the summer and winter months. Amritsar in Punjab experiences extreme type of weather.On the other hand we can say tht the summers are too hot and winters are too cold. Best time to visit Amritsar is between the months of October and March from the climatic prespective though otherwise anytime of the year is the best time to visit this great place. The best clothing for summer is cotton and for winter is woollen.
There are on average 3,200 sunshine hours per year in Amritsar. Annual rainfall is about 681 millimeters.

Monsoon season in Amritsar

Come July and a sigh of relief is experienced with the downpour. Mild to heavy rains occur in the July – August months. September – October is considered to be post-monsoon season and it continues to receive intermittent showers.

Advice for travelers to Amritsar

October to April is the perfect time to visit Amritsar. October-November being the festival season owing to Guru Nanak Jayanti will be a wonderful time to experience the Bhangra Dances for tourist . January brings Lohri while April is famous for Baisakhi. May – June is not an advisable period to be at Amritsar as the heat will be unbearable. July – September has a moderately pleasant climate and can be good for sight – seeing but sudden rains will be there.

Clothing Required

If you are travelling in summers (April-August), carry only cotton garments, shorts, light coloured clothing. In winter season (October-February) woollen clothing is must as the temperature often touches zero levels or below that.

Note :-
The highest maximum temperature recorded at Amritsar was 47.7 C on 21 May 1978 . And the lowest minimum temperature in Amritsar was 3.3 C on 25 December 1984